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Robert Summerfield & Lars Duppler


VÖ 01.07.2022
Accordion Affairs

Le Petit Oiseau

Le Petit Oiseau
Jason Seizer


Jason Seizer - Pirouet Records

Les Brünettes - 4

VÖ 14.08.2020
Menzel Mutzke

Menzel Mutzke - Spring

Spring 29.05.20

The Spirit of Xmas Tour 2019 -

The Spirit of Xmas 2019
Helena Goldt

Gefährlich Nah

Christian Frentzen

First Encounter

First Encounter - Christian Frentzen
Rolf Kühn

The Best Is Yet To Come - Rolf Kühn wird 90.

Rolf Kühn - The Best Is Yet To Come

Bossa und no´ was

Bossa y no´ was
NORDEN Festival 2019

NORDEN Festival 2019

NORDEN Festival 2019 - 3 Wochenenden Kultur und Natur pur!
Yotam Silberstein

Yotam Silberstein - Future Memories

Yotam Silberstein - 01.03.2019
Symphonic Pink Floyd

Symphonic Pink Floyd Show

Oscar Peterson

Oscar Peterson - Motions & Emotions

MPS VÖ 02.11.2018
Kenny Werner

Kenny Werner - The Space

Release Date: 2. November 2018
Robert Landfermann Quintett


Pirouet Records 19 Oct. 2018
Nicola Conte

Cosmic Forest - The Spiritual Sounds Of MPS

MPS Records - 21.09.2018
Art van Damme

Art van Damme - Ecstasy

MPS VÖ 21.09.2018
Fay Claassen

Dutch Songbook

Challenge Records
Hubert Nuss

Standards and Other Stories

Pirouet Records - 7 September 2018
Joanne Grauer

introducing Lorraine Feather

MPS Records - 31 August 2018
MPS Records

50 years MPS

Henning Sieverts Symmethree


Pirouet Records 3.8.2018
Kathrin Pechlof

Toward The Unknown

Pirouet Records - 29.06.2018
Larry Goldings | Peter Bernstein | Bill Stewart

Toy Tunes

Pirouet Records - 4.5.2018
MPS Records

50th Anniversary

MPS Records - 50th Anniversary
Pablo Held

Glow 2

Pirouet Records - 16.2.2018

MACEO PARKER - Life On Planet Groove

Life On Planet Groove
Tony Visconti & Woody Woodmansey´s HOLY HOLY

David Bowie´s Birthday & Memoriam Ceremony Tour

Kenny Werner

Animal Crackers

Pirouet Records 24. Nov
Monty Alexander

Here Comes the Sun

MPS Records - November 10th, 2017

Midnight Mood

MPS Records - November 10th, 2017
Volker Kriegel


MPS Records - November 10th, 2017
John Taylor


MPS Records - November 10th, 2017
Oscar Peterson

In Tune

MPS Records - November 10th, 2017
Alphonse Mouzon

In Search Of A Dream

MPS Records
Baden Powell

Tristeza On Guitar

MPS Records
Don Ellis


MPS Records
Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Big Band

All Smiles

MPS Records
Albert Mangelsdorff

And His Friends

MPS Records
Sebastian Sternal | Larry Grenadier | Jonas Burgwinkel

Tour Sternal | Grenadier | Burgwinkel

Tour 2017 - Sternal | Grenadier | Burgwinkel
Edward Maclean


Edward Maclean - r3w Records
Frank Kimbrough


Pirouet Records - 25 November 2016
Singers Unlimited


MPS Records - VÖ: 4.11.2016
Ronny Graupe

The White Belt

Pirouet Records - 04 Nov. 2016
Clark Terry

Clark After Dark

MPS Records VÖ: 4.11.2016
Bill Evans


MPS Records - VÖ: 4.11.2016
Count Basie

High Voltage

MPS Records - VÖ: 4.11.2016
Dizzy Gillespie

20th and 30th Anniversary

MPS Records - VÖ: 4.11.2016
Jorge Rossy

Stay There

Pirouet Records - October 7, 2016
Freddie Hubbard

The Hub Of Hubbard

MPS Records - VÖ. 22.7.2016
Oscar Peterson

Walking The Line

MPS Records - VÖ. 22.7.2016
Monty Alexander

Live At Montreux Festival

MPS Records - VÖ. 22.7.2016
Joe Henderson

Mirror Mirror

MPS Records - VÖ. 22.7.2016
Baden Powell

Images On Guitar

MPS Records - VÖ. 22.7.2016
Friedrich Gulda

Message from G

MPS Records VÖ: 23.09.2016
Pablo Held


Pirouet Records 9.9.2016
Jochen Rueckert

Charm Offensive

Pirouet Records 2.9.2016
Christian Weidner

Every Hour Of The Light And Dark

Pirouet Records 1 July 2016
Henning Sieverts

Double Quartet

Pirouet Records - VÖ: 3.6.2016
Kurt Rapf

Max Reger - Das Orgelwerk

MPS Records VÖ 13. Mai 2016
Gilles Peterson

Magic Peterson Sunshine

MPS Records VÖ: 15.4.2016
Friedrich Gulda

Friedrich Gulda - Ludwig van Beethoven - Diabelli-Variationen

Friedrich Gulda - Ludwig van Beethoven - Diabelli-Variationen VÖ: 18.3.2016
Bastian Stein


Release Date March 4th, 2016 Pirouet Records
Joris Roelofs

Amateur Dentist

Bill Stewart

Bill Stewart - Space Squid

Space Squid 30.10.2015
Robert Landfermann Quintett

Night Will Fall

Pirouet Records VÖ: 16.10.2015
Christian Lillinger


Pirouet Records VÖ: 18.9.2015
Pablo Held

Recondita Armonia

Pirouet Records 28.8.2015
Achim Kaufmann


Pirouet Records 19.6.2015

Garage Pompeuse

A|A|A / Edel:Content VÖ:19.6.
Kenny Werner

The Melody

Pirouet Records 05.06.2015
Friedrich Gulda

Das wohltemperierte Klavier

Friedrich Gulda (MPS)
Rainer Böhm / Norbert Scholly


Pirouet Records 24.04.2015
Hayden Chisholm


Pirouet Records 27.03.2015
Martin Ehlers Trio

Asking For The Moon

NRW Records
Jason Seizer

Cinema Paradiso

Pirouet Records 16.01.2015
Anna Webber


07.11.2014 Pirouet Records
Pablo Held

The Trio Meets John Scofield

Pirouet Records 31.10.2014
Chris Walden


Edel:Content 31.10.2014
Ella Fitzgerald

Sunshine Of Your Love

MPS/Edel 31.10.2014
Joe Pass


MPS/Edel 31.10.2014

The Mojo Club Sessions

29.08.2014 - A|A|A / Edel:Content