Anna Webber

There's a young musician who has attracted a lot of attention lately: saxophonist, flutist, and composer Anna Webber. Jason Moran, one of the most in-demand jazz pianists of the last two decades, raved, "Anna Webber belongs to those few musicians who can effortlessly conjoin intellectual curiosity with pure emotion. Every time I have played with her she comes up with a completely new sound." The New York Times found the sounds she wins "out of the tension between contemporary classical music and modern jazz" impressive. In addition, Webber, who was born in 1984 in British Columbia, won BMI's (Broadcast Music Inc.) prestigious 2014 Charlie Parker Jazz Composition Prize.

So there is high praise and recognition for this Canadian who, since 2008, calls New York home. The adulation hasn't just popped out of the blue, as anyone who listens to her newest CD on the Munich-based PIROUET label will immediately recognize. The album is called "Refraction", recorded with a seven-piece ensemble of young first-rate European musicians. Transparent sounds permeate the brilliantly played pieces, and there are surprises around every twist and turn. The compositions may be complex at times, but they sparkle with jazz-inspired spontaneity: scintillating musical cinema for those who love the adventure of discovery.