Christian Lillinger

Born in Lübben in the Spreewald section of Germany, Lillinger is one of the most outstanding German musicians to recently come onto the jazz and improvised music scene. The Berlin News called him a “completely new type of jazz drummer”, and the prestigious weekly Der Spiegel saw in Lillinger a “drum revolutionary” and a “shinning light” in the music. Lillinger is not only a drummer, he is also a composer with a distinct vision. Through his nuanced orchestration he shapes the sound, transferring his finely differentiated playing style to his band. Lillinger has worked with such greats as Rolf and Joachim Kühn, Alexander von Schlippenbach and John Tchicai. He has stepped forward with such young collaborators as Ronny Graupe in the group Hyperactive Kid and Wanja Slavin in Starlight. An exceptional virtuoso sideman, for some time now he has also been acknowledged for his role as bandleader. Grund has existed since 2008, and in this present formation since 2011. They had recorded two CDs on Clean Feeds Records up to this point, First Reason and Second Reason, and now they present their first exciting album on PIROUET.