Hayden Chisholm

The composure and serenity that his tone radiates is incredible—this supple, filigree saxophone sound of Hayden Chisholm’s. There is no other sound in the jazz world that compares: it has its own lean, tender aura that develops a gripping intensity. As a result of this unusual “sound aesthetic”, Chisholm received the German broadcasting
station SWR’s prestigious jazz prize in 2013. Born in New Zealand, Chisholm went on to study in Cologne, Germany. He was selected to be the 2015 “Improviser in Residence” at the “moers festival”. Since its founding in 1972, the world-renowned festival has been a magnet for the electrifying new voices in jazz. As resident artist, Chisholm will work and live for the next year in the city on the Lower Rhine. Besides the residency, his life is presently centered in Cologne and Belgrade.

Breve is the name of the new PIROUET release. It’s also the name of the band, and presents Chisholm in a trio with colleagues that he has known and valued for some time. Together they play an intimate, airy music that envelopes an inner tension and embraces the listener in a shimmering, absorbing calm. Born in 1975 near Auckland, New Zealand, the cosmopolitan saxophonist has put out his musical feelers in diverse lands.