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Amateur Dentist


Amateur Dentist

Pirouet Records
NRW Vertrieb
- Amateur Dentist

First recognized for his exceptional playing as a saxophonist, in 2010 Dutch musician Joris Roelofs changed to the bass clarinet as his main instrument. He has played with the likes of Brad Mehldau, Aaron Goldberg, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Matthias Schriefl, and Sonny Fortune. Roelofs won the prestigious Pim Jacobs Prize in 2001, and in 2003 he was the first non-American to win the International Association of Jazz Education's (IAJE) Stan Getz/Clifford Brown Fellowship Award. The IAJE also awarded Roelofs their First Level Prize. The Netherland's Deloitte Jazz Award followed in 2004. His second CD "Amateur Dentist" appears on PIROUET Records. Roelofs' first album from 2014 ("Aliens Deliberating") received such critical praise as 'fascinating magic', 'masterpiece', and the assessment that, 'a new arrival is coming to maturity, someone who may well soon be one of the greats'. Once again with bassist Matt Penman and drummer Ted Poor, Roelofs' new CD offers up the trio's astounding musical range with all of its sensitive nuances. Two deep-toned melodic instruments and drums; this seemingly Spartan group conceives iridescently beautiful music. Roelofs says that, "Bass and bass clarinet are more interlocked in the way they exchange solo and accompaniment roles." He enthuses at what "huge dynamic levels" can be implemented with Penman and Poor, two players living in New York who have become major players on their instruments. "Amateur Dentist" features original compositions as well as pieces by Duke Ellington and Alexander Scriabin. It all adds up to music with drive, swing, and overriding passion. Enjoyable music that moves and surprises.