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Double Quartet

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Bassist/composer Henning Sieverts and his Double Quartet reflect over 600 years of Bavaria's Benedictine Irsee Monastery history as original compositions transmute past polyphonies into a rich amalgam of symmetries. The "twin" instruments of two saxes, piano and vibes, bass and tuba, drums and percussion are divided and regrouped into a double quartet of talented, innovative players from Europe, Germany and the USA. Saxophonists Loren Stillman and Sylvain Rifflet, pianist Florian Weber, vibraphonist Pascal Schumacher, tubaist Francois Thuillier, and drummers John Hollenbeck and Jochen Rückert join Sieverts to project the music of the past onto the present as eight remarkable musical personalities bind their passion and intellect together in a common cause. Sieverts has assembled some of his favorite musicians, players that "fit together aesthetically; their sound and musical styles intermesh without being too homogeneous. I don't want things to get boring. There needs to be a healthy mixture of 'blind understanding' and constructive tension." Imbedded with influences from European liturgical and Renaissance music, twelve-tone rows, polyrhythmic complexities, and the swing and passion that permeates American jazz, Sieverts' music exemplifies what makes European jazz so vital, placing it at the exploratory forefront of serious contemporary improvised music.