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- Lineage

TEN YEARS TOGETHER – already an impressive feat for any relationship in this day and age; for a jazz group, virtually unheard of. Yet the Pablo Held Trio has survived and flourished: in January pianist/composer Held, bassist Robert Landfermann and drummer Jonas Burgwinkel completed Lineage, their eighth PIROUET album together, and are now in the midst of a yearlong tour spanning three continents. 

Critics laud Pablo Held as "a hero of the young German jazz scene" who has "already earned his place in the pantheon of modern day piano trio leaders". Justified praise for a man who at the age of 29 has a decade of astounding music behind him, with his trio the nucleus of that music. The influential German newspaper DIE ZEIT stated that partners Burgwinkel and Landfermann "have gained the reputation as the dream team for musical extreme communication.", and Downbeat says of the trio, "... no matter how distinctive the frame, the trio is the picture, always sounding like its ruminative, glowing self."  
The three started playing together at the conservatory in Cologne. Held reminisces, "It was an exciting time for me, being away from home and on my own. Everything was new. From the beginning, we've hung out together. We're close friends and can talk about anything onstage and off. This kind of trust helps us with our music. When I'm writing songs I hear Robert and Jonas in my head. For me, there are no other players who could take their place."