Recondita Armonia


Recondita Armonia

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- Recondita Armonia

Hidden harmony, or what an amazingly interconnected world! Recondita Armonia is the Pablo Held Trio’s new CD, as pianist Held takes a bow towards such composers as Mompou, Stravinsky, Scriabin, and Rachmaninoff, at the same time maintaining his own unique sound.

The Pablo Held trio takes a bow to the classics. As is usual with this trio, it is somewhat different than one would expect. Familiar classical pieces in new clothes? Nope.
These selections are labors of love, music that means a lot to the 28 year old German pianist and partners bassist Robert Landfermann and drummer Jonas Burgwinkel. They wanted to take a different path after the trio’s previous much-lauded CD, their meeting with the American master guitarist John Scofield (2014 PIT 3078).

Held, Landfermann, and Burgwinkel wanted to record “ballads”—so they borrowed pieces and inspiration from such composers as Puccini, Rachmaninoff, Bártok, Stravinsky, and Scriabin. Pablo Held comments that the trio has “intensified” the integration of classical compositions into their music. Held goes on to say that this development has reached its highpoint on this CD: “The idea of dedicating ourselves completely to this music was coupled with our long-held desire to record a ballad album.” With this trio, the term “ballad” does not necessarily mean that all the pieces are going to be soft and quiet. Held and colleagues reject anything that constricts them.