The White Belt


The White Belt

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- The White Belt

Jazz'n More magazine's Reiner Kobe calls the Berlin guitarist German guitarist Ronny Graupe "one of the most promising talents in German jazz" who is "on the right path with his ideal lineup". That lineup call themselves also Spoom, a group name Graupe conjured from the combined sounds and ideas of a creative "big bang" and ocean spray. Musical partners since 2004, Graupe, bassist Jonas Westergaard and drummer Christian Lillinger have already made their mark on the jazz scene. On The White Belt, Spoom's second album for PIROUET, Graupe and co masterfully approach their music as a new beginning. 

In martial arts the white belt is the one worn by the novice. For Ronny Graupe, "it is the most important belt of all, since it stands for openness and questioning; when you are a beginner you can't fall back on what you already know. This also goes for music. The White Belt represents the road you have in front of you, the one you are about to travel." He's taking that road alongside two long-time musical companions with like minds and impressive credentials.